Non-Food Articles

Sometimes political, often random and mostly funny, here is a list of links to all my non-food related articles sorted by subjects. Enjoy!


Luke Skywalker Makes A Good Physician

The Fastest 6 Pack Abs Ever


25th Birthday Party!

Birthday & Escargot Adventure!

Culture Shock:

How To Get Your International Idiot License

Indian Toilet. Indian Toilet Paper.


Almond Joy, Asparagus or Arugula?


How To Sell Ice Cream & Cocaine


Loaves” Of Bombs

Obamacare Is Approved. Estrogen Is Given Proper Respect.

What Does Chick-Fil-A, Batman and Lego Have In Common? Gays, that’s what. But let me explain…


Corporations Don’t Use Condoms

Screw Y.O.L.O. And Escargot!

This is exactly the reason why I wanted to punch my f****** radio today.


I Don’t Buy Cars From Mexicans, Said The Indian

You Might Be Racist If You Didn’t Know This Little Fact


Buddhist Shark Haiku

Going “Nuts” For Cashews

Pool “Sign:” Do Not Use

Wait! Who Put That Pyramid There?!


Fat Kids Get Picked Last


Asteroids, Russians and Bill Nye


6 Ways To Confirm If You’re Following Correct Advice

Stupidity Snapshots:

Because 7 Days A Week Is Just Not Enough

How To Find A Dumbass 101

Social Commentary:

No Reservations On Black Friday

“Watch” Your Friendship


Changing My Ink Cartridge Reminds Me Of Nintendo

This Is Why I Don’t Blog Using My Smartphone Anymore


Wedding Cake and 1/8th of Cognac


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