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Brain Care

I went to visit my therapist today, and it was a good visit. It seems like everything is well-oiled and running properly up there, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Our brain is just like any other muscle, but unlike a pulled hamstring, we can’t just put ice on it. If you’re stressed out or depressed, it is worth it to see a specalist. Mental health is physical health, and I feel like the stigma is going away. Be present for friends who need you around.

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And Then, There Were Eight.

Pluto is interesting: a former planet, now classified as a dwarf-planet or celestial snowball.  But, does it really matter what we call Pluto? The name itself has no effect on the nature of Pluto itself; it will continue to be what it is.

Pluto is different. But it doesn’t have to be aware of what the other planets are doing, nor does it study what makes the others so similar. It is uniquely its own mass, and contained within its own orbit.

It’s unique by being simply itself. As are you.


Asteroids, Russians & Bill Nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy was one of my favorite shows of all-time. Nothing used to be cooler than submerging dry ice into water and watching smoke bubble out. In fact, I still think its one of the coolest things ever.


Bill has been the Executive Director of the NASA-affiliated non-profit group “The Planetary Society” since 2010. They are a group of really smart people that like to get billion-dollar equipment stuck on the surface of other planets. Remember when Spirit A Rover got stuck on Mars’ surface in 2009? Neither do I.

According to an article released by CNN, The Obama Administration proposed a $300 million budget cut to NASA’s branch of planetary exploration. Bill is very unhappy. He explained that the U.S. might lose the edge in the space race against other countries. Well, this is interesting. Especially considering that most of their projects have been collaborations with the Russian Federal Space Agency. I think he forgot to mention that.

However, one of Bill’s biggest concerns is that the budget cut would relinquish the ability for NASA to deflect a possible asteroid collision that may pulverize all life on planet Earth; except for jellyfish and squids.

Darn. Well why don’t we just eat more calamari and jellyfish to make ourselves immune from death by asteroids?

Freeze your worries in liquid nitrogen and chill, Bill. Deflecting giant asteroids that can destroy the entire planet? Not a problem. I saw the movie a few times, and I think The Avengers can handle that sort of thing.

He’s a scientist who is passionate about his work, and essentially the budget cut means his paycheck is taking a cut and jobs will be lost. I mean, I would be pissed too if I were unemployed, or someone decided to cut 1/3 of my earnings out of my paycheck. It’s a good thing none of us know how that feels…

I agree that people losing jobs is always a sad thing. But so is the lack of clean and decent flush toilets in other countries. Some of that money should be used to universally standarize toilets, because you just can’t be Charmin clean using banana leaves.