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Brain Care

I went to visit my therapist today, and it was a good visit. It seems like everything is well-oiled and running properly up there, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Our brain is just like any other muscle, but unlike a pulled hamstring, we can’t just put ice on it. If you’re stressed out or depressed, it is worth it to see a specalist. Mental health is physical health, and I feel like the stigma is going away. Be present for friends who need you around.

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Almond Joy, Asparagus or Arugula?

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I went to a nutritionist the other day, and I’d like to share some simple tips about eating healthy with all my readers. Basically, eating a variety of different-colored edible foods is an easy way to check your diet. So I went to the grocery store, but I was confused about what edible, colored food to pick:

Arrugulua or Almond Joy?

OK, so I am exaggerating. Many of us are able to distinguish healthy versus processed foods. So then, why isn’t it easy to eat healthy? Well, it actually is but a here are few psychological factors that work against us:

  1. Marketing. In the picture above, companies that manufacture processed goods attempt to mimic the visual attraction that colorful natural foods produce. These companies invest billions of dollars in research to figure out how to control the psychological process between consumption and choice of food.
  2. Price. Eating delicious healthy food is expensive, and eating cheap healthy food taste disgusting. To which I say, fuck the organic stuff.  A regular tomato or banana is healthier than most things on dollar menu. But on a macroscopic level, it’s more profitable for corporations to promote a Big-Mac versus arugula. One burger funds a particular franchise that promotes chemical research (preservatives), marketing businesses (advertising), pharmaceutical industry (medicine caused by malnutrition diets), doctors (prescription), forest deconstruction (to create land for businesses and malls), etc. Think of it this way: the addiction is cheap for us, yet profitable for the investors.
  3. Social. What conversation sounds more probable? “Hey, want to get a quick bite from Jack-in-the-Box?” or “Hey, wanna go to the store and get some asparagus to snack on?” Sans a couple of vegan health enthusiasts who swear by gluten-free products, probably not often. Eating has a social aspect in addition to nourishment that allows us to connect with people; talking about who you ate with, what you ate, when you ate, how you ate it. Unfortunately, Sprouts is not open after 9:00 PM like McDonald’s, nor does it have a drive-thru.

Just like putting unleaded gas in a Mercedes causes engine damage, putting figurative crap in your body is not much different. Proper fuel is required for proper performance. Do you guys agree/disagree?

Leave your comments, questions and suggestions below!

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The Fastest 6-Pack Abs Ever

From my humble knowledge of health, I understand that it is impossible to burn fat from a specific area of the body. There are many ridiculous diets and machines that are advertised in magazines, television and websites that guarantee 6-pack or even 8-pack washboard abs in as quickly as two weeks. I think the one advertisement that takes the cake is a fat-burning belt that was being advertised on a Spanish channel.

I went to go get a haircut at my local barber shop. My barber is a funny and quirky middle-aged Hispanic woman who speaks limited English. I try to speak to her in Spanish to maintain my language, while she tries to speak to me in English to improve her conversational skills. She was cutting my hair, and eventually turned my chair around so that I was facing a small television. An infomercial came on, and an over-enthusiastic narrator started rapidly blurting out words in Spanish. The infomercial showed a depressed, balding overweight Caucasian male. He was offered a heating belt that he put on for 20 minutes. Not only did he develop a 6-pack after taking the belt off, he had a full hair of head, and changed his ethnicity to Hispanic. Amazing.