Pieology Pizzeria

Pie-o-logyPieology Pizzeria sells delicious, design-it-yourself pizza.  I’ve only been once to the new place by California State University Fullerton, and it was a pleasant experience. It’s just that I don’t crave pizza very often because it’s so readily available in the U.S.. Design-it-yourself is not a new idea; competitors like Papa Murphy’s, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and other mom-and-pop pizza places offer similar types of service. What sets Pieology apart is that they bake your self-designed pizza while you wait in line! It’s almost an instantaneous transition from order to fresh pizza. I really enjoyed staring at the fire oven where they bake these lovely creations. My friend and I split a pepperoni, tomato (I forget what type of cheese) and basil: lovely contrasting colors as you can see! The price range would be between $9.00-$12.00, or if you’re cheap like me, you can split a pizza with a friend so it costs about half the price. Would I go here again? Sure.

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