The Ramen Crave Part II

OrochonSo you might be thinking… what the hell ANOTHER ramen review, Jay-Ram? Yes! I just can’t get enough of that high-sodium “soupy” goodness. This week, I went in search of place in Los Angeles called  Orochon Ramen. You might have heard of it on Food Network or on a Man vs. Food episode where the host tries to devour their hottest bowl of ramen. Anyone who wins this challenge gets their picture placed on their wall of fame, gets the bowl of ramen — and explosive diarrhea of death followed by permanent colon damage — absolutely free. This is not something I would recommend for most casual diners; stick to the medium stuff. I usually enjoy spicy food. but the level of hotness I ordered was difficult to enjoy the meal after 20 minutes. I recommend getting their house special bowl if you are going for the first time. I enjoyed this place and recommend it to my friends.

Orochon Yelp II twitter II


2 thoughts on “The Ramen Crave Part II”

  1. Orochen is pretty good, miso 4 with egg/bean sprounts is yum. Try Santouka off the 405 and Venice in Santa Monica…def miso, or the Johnny Dip with zebra garlic @ Ikemen in WeHo and Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Haha, my laundry list of ramen. I love ramen. I love lists. I don’t like laundry unless my cat is sitting on it.

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