Mouth-Watering Mochilato!

Macaroons & Mochi Ice Cream On The Menu
Macaroons & Mochi Ice Cream On The Menu

If there were more places that sold mochi ice cream, I would gain an extra 200 pounds easily. The place I’m reviewing this week is the sweets station: Mochilato. They opened a new store in Fullerton, so now we don’t have to trek all the way out to Irvine to fulfill Italian ice cream, or “gelato,” cravings. Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is much richer than your standard American store ice cream, and the richness in flavor comes with a cost of higher calories. So if you’re on a diet then prepare to run an extra mile in the morning to burn it off! This was also the first place where I experienced this sugary delight known as a macaron. My personal favorite was the vanilla flavored one. They also have Beard Papa’s crème puffs which they fill with your choice of chocolate or vanilla pudding. YUM! Basically, Mochilato is sugar heaven that won’t break the bank. You can look at spending about $10 per person, or more if you’re craving diabetic amounts of sugar that day.

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