MOO-DAE-PO! (That’s Korean For Overeating Beef)


If you’re a Hindu or vegetarian (two thoughts that aren’t always mutually exclusive), these pictures will offend you, because I find beef disturbingly delicious! With that said, I haven’t done a review of a Korean Barbeque (KBBQ for short) place yet — so here we go! Moo Dae Po in Fullerton, CA has a variety of meat selections and great service. If you’re not familiar with the service of most Asian restaurants, they tend to be below-average. Not here though. The staff is friendly, and the place is very clean. KBBQ is pricey, ranging between $16-$25, so this not a place to eat as casually as say, McDonald’s. But if you and the friends are looking for a cool place to hang out or celebrate a birthday, it’s quite awesome to cook your own food and interact with other people. I go for the $16.99 special since I’m not as exotic as other people who eat octopus, intestine and tongue, but if you are an adventurous person, then any option above the $19.99 would be the way to go! Next time you’re in Orange County, and don’t want to drive all the way out to “Asian town” aka Garden Grove, give this place a try if you like meat buffets, or just want to send a message out to PETA or a vegetarian ex-girlfriend.


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