The Kogi Experience: Mexican-Style Korean Food

Lost your inner-kid who enjoyed chasing ice-cream trucks? Perhaps that is why adults enjoy food trucks: it’s somewhat nostalgic and gives us freedom from a sit-down “grown up” restaurant. Many food trucks offer unique food options, but one of my favorites is the Kogi food truck. Confuse your taste buds with delicious Kogi! It’s a Korean-style Mexican food truck that appears at night by selected areas in Southern California. They do burgers, tacos, burritos — all for cash only! Prepare to take your taste buds on a sweet and sour ride. The first time I tried Kogi, my brain couldn’t grasp the idea of Korean marinated beef in a Mexican taco shell… but it’s quite delicious! My suggestion would be to give the “BlackJack” quesadilla try with good company. The price range per person would be between $8.00-$11.00. Did I mention cash only? Enjoy!



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