Luke Skywalker Makes A Good Physician

Would Luke Skywalker make a good physician? My digital video recorder, or DVR, thinks so.

I was vegetating on my couch one lazy Sunday afternoon, and I picked up the remote control to watch a recorded movie on my DVR. While the introduction was playing, a commercial came during the MIDDLE of the introduction credits…

What the hell?

Ten minutes later, the movie came back on again for I would say about, two minutes before cutting to ANOTHER commercial break! I was getting irritated from these frequent Geico commercial breaks.

After about the 10th commercial, I got up to get drink and snacks, and threw the remote on the couch. Bad idea. If you’re like me, I always lose my remote control in my couch. I sat down to look for the remote in the cracks of the couch. I suddenly butt-dialed the remote, and paused the movie. Then I realized – holy crap – I’m watching a recorded program on my DVR. I’ve never felt so awesome, and so idiotic at the same time. Too many random commercials can really mess up your movie. Imagine watching one of the most climactic moments of Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope with an unexpected commercial break.

 Darth Vader:

No, (insert heavy breathing effect here) I am your father.”

 [ Commercials]

Announcer Guy:

This movie brought to you by Trojan. Trojan maannn! Also sponsored in part by NuvaRing. Make the change and take control of your life today. Ask your physician if NuvaRing is right for you.”

[Return to Movie]



Is it ironic that birth control interrupted a tragic father-son moment?  Suddenly, Star Wars is a lot more awkward to watch with the family.


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