This is exactly the reason why I wanted to punch my f***ing radio today.

I need to get this off my chest: I almost punched my radio today. Why? Because I f***ing hate the radio! It’s like every time I turn it on, it’s cyanide to my brain cells. It’s always some crappy digital sound that escapes through my speakers, and some douche sporadically yelling “bitch” and “ass” through a auto-tune. You call that music? F@#% no! That’s two robots having intercourse, and a person with Turret’s syndrome. The only reason why radio companies play crappy songs over and over again is because that’s what most people want to hear lately. It just goes to show you that most people have HORRIBLE taste in music! But it’s not always that bad. They play nice depressing songs from artists like Adele and Leona Lewis. But even they don’t make sense sometimes! How can you set fire to the rain, Adele? Of course your friends are going to pull you away from a bad relationship, Leona! Those are horribly depressing and retarded metaphors! I have to admit that it is definitely much better to listen to beautiful voices, but if you listen to them on repeat for about 4 hours straight, you will want to kill yourself. Artists like Adele use music as a form of therapy to get depression out of their system and share it. But some people are so dumb that that they act like they’ve been part of a horrible relationship based on the vicarious experiences of a radio song! Get out and go experience an actual relationship. Or if you have had a bad relationship, stop making generalizations that every other girl or guy out there is the same. You haven’t f***ing tried them all. If you want a decent guy or girl, chances are that you would want them to serenade you with some Michael Buble or Diana Ross. At least they will have the balls (or ovaries) to “Call You Maybe.”


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