This is Why I Don’t Blog Using my Smartphone Anymore

I wanted write a blog from my smartphone about a smartphone texting fail to my manager. This is the horrible autocorrect result:

I’m not the first one to say this, but what the health?! my smartphone is making look dumb. how? well the other day, i was cremating a new resume to submit for openings of sales jobs. i have a lot of experience selling thangs, but i needed more references on my resume. i sexted my old manager to see if she could give me one. she did not respond, so I called and left a massage. she responded later that day, and replied she was really happy that i called all over her back. she said that she’s be more than happy to recieve my message because I did good work under her. I said I thank you so much for the reference and that I was really stoned that she would give me a great reefer. then a really awkward conversation ensued where she talked about about get college days and her experience with weed and I said that’s funny. it was strangle that she mention this to me be cause she was my OLED manager. thank you and have nicest day i says to her.

-Sent from my iPhone


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